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"Carter is a true professional who is constantly pushing forward. His dedication to his craft is plain to see and hear in all that he does."

- Rich Kass

Allow me to take a moment of your time to introduce myself. My name is Carter Skillicorn and I’m a professional drummer, private tutor and community music worker operating out of Edinburgh, UK.


I first picked up the sticks when I was 8 and I’ve been playing drums at a professional level since the age of 16. I studied at Kingston University, where I graduated with a first class bachelors degree in Music with honours, specifically focusing on developing my performance and studio skills as well as studying music education and instrumental instruction. Within one year of graduating I had found my stride as a working musician and educator, and began drumming and educating on a full-time basis. This has led to opportunities to tour the UK, play in international festivals, and undertake live and studio session work. I have a strong passion for community music and working with those who may not have access to music education through my affiliations with charities MusiCares and Music Plus. You can also find me performing regularly in venues around Edinburgh, Glasgow and wider-Scotland. I am a resident musician in prestigious Edinburgh venue 'The Jazz Bar', and frequent many other local institutions.


I have a genuine love and passion for music and education, which is heavily reflected in my work. If you decide you want to work with me; whether that be hiring me for a gig or recording, or hiring my tuition services, then I will go above and beyond, exceeding your expectations and providing a top level of service.


My unique sound on the kit has been influenced by a plethora of genres and I pride myself on being a musical drummer, paying attention to the fundamental parts of the composition and emphasising those, whilst adding my own subtle embellishments that add to the overall sound.

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